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Goat Milk Share Program​

Own a part of our Nubian herd!  Owning a share of our goat herd entitles you to a share of fresh goat milk every week during the milking season.  

In the state of Colorado, it is illegal to sell raw unpasteurized milk. However, if you are an owner in a GoatShare you have the right to obtain your goats' milk. Our milk is tested monthly for unhealthy bacteria and other issues to ensure your milk is safe and of the highest quality.

GoatShare:  $35 One time fee

Boarding/Care Fee: $60 per month for 1 gallon weekly 

                              $40 per month of 1/2 gallon weekly 

Milking season is roughly May - October

Boarding/Care fees are paid only during milking season

Sign up for your GoatShare today!  Email to reserve your share.

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